About Our Traders

We offer the products at the best prices and give the best quality to our Customers. Taking into account long term business relationships and customer care the company provides training to all its employees periodically and implements up gradations in the manufacturing process with modern trends.



Our MSGT initially stepped into the world of business with the introduction of Computer Hardware in 1997. At Our Computer hardware & Services we know how essential IT is for your company, but we also know the stress that computers bring when they are not working properly. That is why we have made it our mission to bring the perfect IT solutions to companies running ten computers or more. Our unique on-site service is proof that customers love the convenience of having a technician come right to their home or business to service their computer.



In the meantime, we had the interest in starting an Electrical & Electronic Supply and we did so in the year 1997. Commercial lighting is specially designed for the illumination of commercial premises in order to accommodate various business activities, from manufacturing to sales. By utilizing different colors, designs, and intensities, commercial lighting options offer custom solutions for various applications. We are a friendly team of electricians who understand that you want a reliable and cost efficient solution. Look no further than Alliance Electrical Services when choosing an electrician for your home.



In the meantime, we had the interest in starting a trust and we did so in the year 2008 with the name (NGO) SKS Trust. We connect communities and also inspire and mobilize people to take action that changes the world. We put volunteers at the heart of everything we do, to inspire everyone to get involved and do something for their community. Using the latest technologies, we help the society to feel and work as an essential element of social change and reap the benefits.



Recently in 2015 we have introduced ourselves in the Textile Industry and also started the Maha Sakkthi Global Traders. We are striving towards growth and customer satisfaction, by providing quality products and on time supply of materials. The textile industry is primarily concerned with the design and production of yarn, cloth, clothing, and their distribution. The raw material may be natural or synthetic using products of the chemical industry.



Food grains are one of the most essential and vital components of Human survival. Pulses are an extremely healthy food due to their high protein content relative to other vegetables. We try and cover the entire spectrum of food grains grown in India. We also guide and advise the client about the crop cycle and the best buys available Refining processes, however, often remove the more nutritious and beneficial bran and germ. Despite the relatively innutritious form grains, in the form of rice and maize are not only staples, but frequently the majority of daily sustenance available



We organize and implement the social care, educational, developmental, health and medical relief, skill and vocational trainings, and charitable projects, homes and programs for the welfare of the children, women, aged, disabled, youth, villagers, slums dwellers, nomads, tribes, beggars, lepers, child labourers, bonded labourers, widows, persons affected by HIV/AIDS, victims of fire accidents, poor, needy and disadvantaged sections of the society.



We are the leading producer of all grades of purified cotton fiber using a totally chlorine free process. Our century-plus of cotton experience means that we have not only been using cotton to create products customers desire, but we are also looking for ways to improve them and finding exciting new applications as well. Cottons advantages, coupled with our expertise, makes for products that consumers need and depend on as a part of their everyday lives.



In 2014 we still raised our company with the development of Coco & Coir Factory. The major products produced in the factory are coco fiber nets, door mats, bags, hats, wall decors, mats, etc. Coconut Coir is shredded coconut husk that is used by gardeners world round as a fantastic soil amendment. It is the best bedding for worm composting because of its ability to retain water while allowing air to pass through and keeping the contents of your bin from going anaerobic. Because of its moisture holding capacity you can use a lot less of it in your bin compared to shredded paper. Also worms like to eat the coir as it breaks down and it provides nice grit for them to aid in their digestion process.

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